Vigeo is the exclusive distributor for several world-leading manufacturers of medical devices

During the last 10 years has consolidated its leadership in the fields of Interventional Radiology and Oncology, Critical Care, interstitial therapy, minimally invasive surgery.

Pharmacept – EmboCept┬« S suspension for injection is an adjuvant for the inter-arterial therapy of tumours in combination with cytostatic drugs and other active substances / therapy methods, like chemotherapeutics , cytokines,gene therapy medicinal products,conducting thermo-ablations (LITT, RF).

Tokai Medical – Carnelian Microcatheter are unique for excellent selective performance keeping an amazing High Flow Performance
The optimal trackability & pushability with the enhanced radio-opacity helps the end user even in the most critical procedures of Transcatheter arterial chemoembolization or peripheral microguide change or support.

Axlab – Biopsafe consists of a small, easy to use container (vial) with formalin capsuled in the lid. When the biopsy is placed at the bottom of the container, you screw the lid on and gently apply pressure with your thumb, allowing the formalin to flow out and cover the biopsy. No formalin is released in either liquid or vapor form.

Hematris – Hematrix Patch is an absorbent dressing containing substances promoting blood clotting. It is used on external wounds to stop even severe arterial or venous bleeding immediately preventing secondary bleeding and allowing earlier mobilisation of the patient.