Chiba and GS Gun Aspiration Needle
Cytocan - Chiba aspiration needle_mobile

Fine needle for aspiration cytology (FNAC) and prenatal diagnosis.

Product's categories:

Codes to order:

Code SG 01 – Reusable syringe handle (package 1 not steril unit)
Code VVBU – Chorial kit (package 10 sterile unit)
Code VVB – Chiba needle (package 20 sterile unit)

Code Size Package Color C.
VVB1805 18Gx5cm 20 PINK  
VVB1810 18Gx10cm 20 PINK  
VVB1815 18Gx15cm 20 PINK  
VVB1818 18Gx18cm 20 PINK  
VVB1820 18Gx20cm 20 PINK  
VVB2005 20Gx5cm 20 YELLOW  
VVB2010 20Gx10cm 20 YELLOW  
VVB2015 20Gx15cm 20 YELLOW  
VVB2020 20Gx20cm 20 YELLOW  
VVB2025 20Gx25cm 20 YELLOW  
VVB2105 21Gx5cm 20 LIGHT GREEN  
VVB2110 21Gx10cm 20 LIGHT GREEN  
VVB2115 21Gx15cm 20 LIGHT GREEN  
VVB2120 21Gx20cm 20 LIGHT GREEN  
VVB2125 21Gx25cm 20 LIGHT GREEN  
VVB2130 21Gx30cm 20 LIGHT GREEN  
VVB2205 22Gx5cm 20 BLACK  
VVB2210 22Gx10cm 20 BLACK  
VVB2215 22Gx15cm 20 BLACK  
VVB2220 22Gx20cm 20 BLACK  
VVB2305 23Gx5cm 20 DARK BLUE  
VVB2310 23Gx10cm 20 DARK BLUE  
VVB2315 23Gx15cm 20 DARK BLUE  
VVB2320 23Gx20cm 20 DARK BLUE  
VVB2505 25Gx5cm 20 ORANGE  

On request Vigeo is available to provide needles with different diameter and length.