Injectable bulking agent
Durasphere - gynecologic tool_mobile

Durasphere is indicated for the treatment of adults with stress urinary incontinence due to sphincteric deficiency (SUI) or to treat vesicouteral reflux (VUR).

  • Cost Effective significantly lower cost permits more patients to be treated
  • Permanent Material pyrolytic carbon-coated beads cannot be degraded in the body
  • Non-migratory injectable beads are larger than the 80-micron threshold for migration
  • Biocompatible pyrolityc carbon has been used for more than 30 years in mechanical heart valves
  • Designed for Surgeons delivery system uses thumb pressure on plunger to provide tactile feedback from tissue
  • Surgical Choices can be injected using Submucosal (modified preiurethral) or Transurethral technique
  • Convenient available in 1ml and 3ml syringe sizes
  • Non-immunogenic no skin test required

Durasphere GR intended to treat problems associated with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).
Durasphere FI intended to treat problems associated wit Fecal Incontinence in adult men and women.

Product's categories:
Code Syringe
030966 1 ml
030967 3 ml (periurethral)
Code Needle Diameter
101082 pencil tip (3,8 cm) 20G
101074 angled tip (3,8 cm) 20G