Myelo Slim

Bone and Bone Marrow Biopsy Device
Myelo Slim_mobile
  • Cannula and stylet designed to allow an easier penetration of the bone cortex
  • Adjustable depth stop for sternal or paediatric application, which can be removed for iliac crest use
  • Luer slip and luer-lock syringes fit securely
  • Ergonomic handle Myelo version (VVI)
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Qty/Box 10 pcs

Add E for Explant version (VVIE)

Code Size
VVI11410/50 VVI1410/50 14Gx10/50mm
VVI11430/70 VVI1430/70 14Gx30/70mm
VVI11510/50 VVI1510/50 15Gx10/50mm
VVI11530/70 VVI1530/70 15Gx30/70mm
VVI11610/50 VVI1610/50 16Gx10/50mm
VVI11630/70 VVI1630/70 16Gx30/70mm
VVI11810/50 VVI1810/50 18Gx10/50mm

On request Vigeo is available to provide needles with different diameter and length