Relock Premium Soft

Breast Localization Needle
Relock Premium Soft - Repositionable Breast Localization Needle_mobile

Repositionable breast localization needle:

  • One hand free
  • Retractable hook with polyamid guiding thread to reduce migration
  • Accurate microcalcifications and mammary/pulmonary lesions targeting
  • Echogenic needle tip for ultrasound use
  • 9mm loop hook
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Codes to order

Codes Size Package Color C.
VVRPS 1909 19Gx9cm 10 LIGHT-BROWN  
VVRPS 1912 19Gx12cm 10 LIGHT-BROWN  
VVRPS 2007 20Gx7cm 10 YELLOW  
VVRPS 2010 20Gx10cm 10 YELLOW  

On request Vigeo is available to provide needles with different diameter and lenght