Semi-automatic Biopsy Needle
Shuttle - Semi-automatic Biopsy Needle_mobile

Shuttle is a semi-automatic easily maneuverable biopsy instrument.

Shuttle may be used with one hand making it ideal for Ultrasound procedure.

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Codes to order

Add C for coaxial set (VVDC)
Add 1 for Trocar tip (VVD1)
Add A for prostate kit (VVDA)

Code Size Package Color C.
VVD1410 14Gx10cm 20 DARK GREEN  
VVD1415 14Gx15cm 20 DARK GREEN  
VVD1420 14Gx20cm 20 DARK GREEN  
VVD1610 16Gx10cm 20 WHITE  
VVD1615 16Gx15cm 20 WHITE  
VVD1620 16Gx20cm 20 WHITE  
VVD1625 16Gx25cm 20 WHITE  
VVD1810 18Gx10cm 20 PINK  
VVD1815 18Gx15cm 20 PINK  
VVD1820 18Gx20cm 20 PINK  
VVD1825 18Gx25cm 20 PINK  
VVD2010 20Gx10cm 20 YELLOW  
VVD2015 20Gx15cm 20 YELLOW  

On request Vigeo is available to provide needles with different diameter and lenght