Breast Localization Needle
Surgimarc - Breast localization needle_mobile

Single standard hook to minimize the risk of cutting.


Stiffened wire for better handling.


Double hook to avoid migration.


Wire cm – marked for a enhancing reference.

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Codes to order

Add T for stiffed wire (VVNT)
Add M for depth distal marking on wire (VVNM)
Add X for double anchoring hook

Codes Size Package Color C.
VVN1807 VVNX1807 18Gx7cm 20 PINK  
VVN1810 VVNX1810 18Gx10cm 20 PINK  
VVN2007 VVNX2007 20Gx7cm 20 YELLOW  
VVN2010 VVNX2010 20Gx10cm 20 YELLOW  
VVN2107 VVNX2107 21Gx7cm 20 LIGHT GREEN  
VVN2110 VVNX2110 21Gx10cm 20 LIGHT GREEN  

On request Vigeo is available to provide needles with different diameter and lenght