T’Am Kit

CT-Guided Percutaneous Biopsy of Spinal Lesions
T'am Kit_mobile
  • Chiba fine needles for local anesthesia included
  • Seldinger placement of introducer
  • Suitable for accurate biopsy of deep bone lesions
  • An inner trocar guides the outer cannula to the lesion margin offering control and precision whilst
    traversing dense bone
  • The cannula remains in situ permitting multiple biopsies
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Qty/Box 5pcs

Code Size
TCAK2510 13Gx100mm
TCAK2512 13Gx125mm
TCAK2515 13Gx150mm
TCAK3010 11Gx100mm
TCAK3125 11Gx125mm
TCAK3015 11Gx150mm

On request Vigeo is available to provide neddles with different diameter and length